It's my hope that this page will continue to grow and that soon enough I'll be able to list tutorials from lots of developers here. For now though, I've created a few tutorials that I think are likely to come in handy once you want to go further than the Getting started guide.

If you've written a tutorial and would like to share it that's awesome - please let me know.


Saving strategies

Editors aren't much use unless you can save the changes made. In this tutorial we'll cover two approaches for doing just that.

Handling image uploads

"I feckin' hate coding browser-based image uploading and editing tools" - A frank look at the dark side of in‑page editors.

Adding new tools

Tools, the toolbox and the tool shelf. A short how-to guide to adding and managing tools.

Multilingual support

Setting the editor's language and creating your own translations. A guide for the very talented among you who speak more than one language (hopefully at least one of them is English or this isn't going to help).

ContentTools + CMS

A look at how ContentTools can be integrated into a CMS UI, along with screencasts showing the workflow within applications already using ContentTools (includes an embarrassing early prototype).

Framework integrations

Django integration

A basic integration of the ContentTools WYSIWYG editor with Django using the Django REST Framework. Created by Alberto Centelles & Guillaume Piot of Cotidia.

Image uploads with Cloudinary

A front-end only approach to image uploads; how to offload the server-side hassle to Cloudinary.